The good, the bad and the ugly of pregnancy.

Much of this year I have been MIA and for good reason. I’m pregnant! Yes, it’s a wonderful time in any woman’s life but what I didn’t realize was that it wouldn’t be all sunshine and rainbows. #letsgetreal.

My husband and I have been married for a few years but we weren’t concerned with having children until now. Maybe it was our biological clocks ticking away or that all of our friends had children and we felt like we were missing something. We decided to give it a try this year and we were extremely lucky to get pregnant right away. I felt excited to start on our journey to parenthood but it wouldn’t be so easy.

My first few weeks seemed to be ok. Like any other woman it’s terrifying to have to wait till you are 8 weeks pregnant to see the doctor. It felt like an eternity especially since we found out we were pregnant at week 4! Our first appointment was fun until the doctor thought there might be 2! WFT? We eventually wrapped our heads around it and were just excited that everything was going ok so far. I was pretty concerned about having a miscarriage because I know my mom had some trouble when she was pregnant but I hoped for the best and tried not to worry about it.

Fast forward to week 12. We found out it was just one baby which was quite a relief and everything was going well so far except a terrible aversion to sweets! I couldn’t have anything sweet without being terribly sick! In addition to the aversion, I also would get sick if I waited too long in between meals and that sickness would last ALL DAY and NIGHT! During this time I gained quite a few pounds and was having a tough time adjusting to my new body and it’s new needs. I was officially over being pregnant!

The second trimester was life changing and that’s were I really began to enjoy being pregnant for a little. I had my energy back, I could eat whatever I wanted without the fear of my body revolting and I was looking forward to meeting this little being that I had lovingly nicknamed “the hitch hiker!” I still had to battle with the fact that my body was not my own and it was really frustrating for me to be my fashionable self. It was tough to find that your favorite clothes no longer fit you even though they did a week ago!! I decided not to torture myself and put away anything that no longer fit into storage so I wouldn’t be upset and I was able to see just what I needed to buy and what I found myself wearing the most. Out of this experience, I was able to create a capsule wardrobe which has become the fad these days and I must say pregnancy is the prefect time for such a wardrobe change! I found myself wearing a “uniform” anyway and this helped me to live with less pieces which was a goal I wanted to accomplish before becoming pregnant. I am still ready to be done with my pregnancy but I’m able to deal with the symptoms better so far. I know the third trimester will be a little more difficult but it will be short lived. I’m in the home stretch now and with only roughly 16 weeks left…..I’ve got this! Or so I hope!